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When selling your home the differences between brokerage offices might not be that apparent at first. One listing presentation looks pretty much like the next, and the next. What sets an agent or broker apart from the rest? There are a number of very important factors, but what seem to stand out are these:

Hire a Broker who is a Expert at Digital Marketing

The broker of Haute Homes has over 20 years of experience in the web space as an internet producer for search engines Infoseek and Yahoo! and is a well known Enterprise-level SEO expert.

The Importance of Listing Your House Right, The First Time

The first time an agent sees your listing will likely be in a "hotlist" sent out the day your listing is posted to the MLS. The agent then previews their hotlist and decides which homes you'll see.

In today's market, MLS data is just a mouse click away. Many buyers are taking finding a home largely into their own hands with the agent handing more of the actual contract and finer points of negotation.

If an agent isn't curating a list of homes for their buyers, buyers are seeing homes with their own alerts set up on sites such as Zillow or Redfin. It's uber important that your home's marketing presence is zipped up before you go to market.

Numerous listings go live without good photographs, photographs of things that aren't important to buyers, without virtual tours, and with incomplete data. Or data fraught with errors! If your customer is searching for particular criteria, you want your home to be listed in those search results.

The 2 Week Window of Your Listing

Linda knows how important these search terms are for potential buyers and getting your home seen. It is also criticical that potential buyers see all your property data the FIRST TIME they see your listing. It's widely understood in the real estate market that you have about 2 weeks to get your house seen by all of the potential buyers at that time in the market. It's a very short window.

Haute Homes will get your property data up quickly and accurately. The first time.

Most Homeowners Start Their Search for a Home Online

In today's market, the MLS is the most highly visible means of marketing your property. You can reach literally millions of prospects when your property is showcased online. In addition to being viewed on the MLS, with reach throughout the entire SF Bay Area.

REALTOR MLS Syndication Means Your House is Seen Nationally

With REALTOR association syndication, your property will be featured on websites such as:

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